82547ei Gigabit Ethernet Controller Driver

Not every manufacturing option is available in all marketing channels. User User allows capabilities to be changed.

Intel g Graphics Subsystem The Intel G chipset contains two separate, mutually exclusive graphics options. The total amount of standby current required depends on the wake devices supported and manufacturing options. Be careful not to damage the thermal interface material. Please contact your Intel representative to determine which manufacturing options are available to you. If reading of boot sector is successful, give control to boot sector code.

Other jumper configurations are not supported and could damage the Desktop Board. If no device is installed, alphacool lcd-display driver change the value to None.

Intel Processors and Chipsets by Platform Code Name

Nexcom PEAK 735 Series User Manual

Custom Splash Screen This splash screen can be augmented with a custom splash screen. Click Next to continue setup.

Maximum Capacity No options Displays the drive capacity. This menu reports processor and memory information and is for configuring the system date and system time.

To enter in virtual mode for memory test. When setting the jumpers, ensure that the jumper caps are placed on the correct pins.


Dis-able this item to boot faster. Always turn off the power and unplug the power cord from the computer before changing a jumper setting. For complete protection against viruses, install virus software in your operating system and update the virus definitions regularly. Initialize extra Intel Recovery Module. Configurations using different brands of memory modules are not recommended.

Dual Channel memory interface. If you plan to run such a program, we recommend that you disable the virus warning. Going to copy any code to specific area. Revision History Contact your local Intel sales office or your distributor to obtain the latest specifications before placing your product order.

Consult the motherboard manual to determine the correct fan header to use. Dust and dirt can get into components and cause a malfunction.

This memory is shared with the system memory. Many disk diagnostic programs that access the boot sector table can trigger the virus warning message. Copying of code to specific area done. Failure to do so can damage the power supply.

Each zone is completely cached and rendered on chip before being written to the frame buffer. To enable interrupts for diagnostics mode. All installed system memory can be used when there is no overlap of system addresses. The figure legend below lists the colors used.

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Going to disable cache if any. Otherwise, the Desktop Board could be damaged. Failure to do so could cause components to exceed their maximum case temperature and malfunction.

Use this option if you have changed your system and it does not operate correctly or does not power up. This field is for information only. It describes the standard product and available manufacturing options. Boot Display Use this field to select the type of device you want to use as the display s of the system. It consists of two metal pins and a cap.

The available choices are Enabled, Disabled. European Union Declaration Of Conformity Statement Connect the equipment to a different electrical branch circuit from that to which the receiver is connected.