2008 Cleveland Hibore Driver

While striking the ball there provides the most ball speed, it often does so with a lower launch angle and more spin than is optimal. The distance is still pretty impressive when the club isn't hit too well.

When I lose feel for my swing, my swing plane grows much too tall and I tend to strike down on the ball, producing the occasional pop-up. The stock grip is very tacky, providing the necessary grip and feedback in colors that match the stock shaft. Once in a while I will get that high draw but with the distance I get with either of these clubs I will take that straight or slight fade with the high launch.

Played my first round today with it and I absolutely crushed it down the middle! As long as any other combination and more accurate than any other. This means that, in theory, traditional domed-crown drivers are leading players to hit higher on the clubface, missing the high-CoR zone.

Cleveland HiBore XLS Driver Review

Cleveland hibore driver

Fortunately, I eventually noticed that the grooves in the center of the clubface are grey, not white, and I began using the gap as my alignment aid see above image. Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window. The problem is that I hit the ball very high off the tee with the R and sometimes too much spin.

What this translates to is straighter shots, regardless of how hard I swing! Good luck with that new Hi-Bore. Some still look odd to me, but for the most part I no longer chuckle when I look at one of these drivers at address. Distance was the area where we felt the club performed best, it's difficult to find a longer Driver than this one.

Cleveland HiBore XLS Driver Review - Golfalot

Our first date on a local range was magnificent. With the heighth of these drivers I wonder about a windy day but I have a solution. Even though feel is distinctly dampened in this model, compared to the original this is practically a forged muscleback. So it's not something that's a problem really.

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Trying to hit a draw resulted in a duck hook often enough to make it a very uncomfortable undertaking on the course. The distance that i hit is around meter. Visions of Daly and all that. This chart shows the optimal launch conditions for a variety of ballspeeds.

Distance was average, with the rare zinger mixed in there. For this review, we looked at the standard model only. If you suffer with a slice like I do, this may be the club for you. Before purchasing the club, I got on the good ole swing monitor and did some comparisions. The ball flight was always very penetrating, and the golf ball regularly rolled on some extra yards down the fairway when it came to land.

Cleveland HiBore XLS Driver Review

This thing is off the chain. Choking up will also build your confidence for that time when you become more comfortable with your swing and new driver, and you really start to rip it. And this has been my concern for several week now since i decided to buy a new driver.

This driver sounds like a shotgun and I love it. There is also a Draw version of this Driver available as well as neutral. Just plain long and straight now.

Took it out on the range and had a problem slicing it. As of though the club is very good value for money.

In terms of control, and distance it's the best driver I've ever owned. Sound is canny indeed, like the Callaway. Just picked one up and love it.

Cleveland HiBore XL Drivers

33 thoughts on Cleveland HiBORE XLS Driver Review

Only my Odyssey putter is not Cleveland. Cleveland has even added a measure of protection against knockoffs. The Cleveland HiBore is a radically shaped driver that boasts, for perhaps the first time in the age of the titanium driver, panasonic acpi mat0019 drivers for windows mac a sweet spot that perfectly lines up with the center of gravity. With the hibore its around meter.

Cleveland HiBore XLS Driver Review

Simply put, Distance Driven Geometry moves weight low and back in the clubhead. The nice thing was the shot would start left and fade back near to my line of sight without losing too much distance.

Cleveland hibore driver

As it turns out, two out of three can be bad. And you could always wear an ear plug to keep the hearing in your clubside ear. The two shafts are fairly similar in their specifications, though they felt quite different to me. My off line drives were still playable and my poor shots were due to a bad swing not the clubs fault. But that was my fault and corrected and have been hitting it great.

Notify me of new posts by email. The yardage increase from the straight and draw never have had before this club is huge. It was difficult to tell center contact, because every hit felt pretty much the same.

The HiBore is certainly unique to look at, but what bothered us most was the closed face. The driver was supposed to hit the ball high, straight, and long.