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For cases where there is no pull starter, you will need to find a way to stop the crankshaft from turning over. The oilite bushing manufactures heat their oil up in a closed system, vacuum out the air that draws the oil into the pores of the bushing.

The tremendous amount of heat generated can also anneal the spring which is the heart of the clutch. The oil impregnated bronze bushing rotates on a ground sleeve. People who viewed this item also viewed.

You can see heat damage inside the clutch drum, the metal turns from black to a blue color. Grease the Zerkbolt, with one squirt, after each week of operation. If your kart has a grease fitting in the crankshaft for lubrication then a shot of grease once a month should be sufficient lubrication.

Performs clockwise or counter clockwise. These steps need to be followed to ensure proper installation. Get the item you ordered or get your money back.

Now back to the chain and what to do to get it race ready. Best Vawb in Monitors See all. The clutch should not engage when the kart is at idle. The grease is coming from the inside of the sprocket outward, which is a better way to lubricate the clutch.

The keyway in the crankshaft acts as a reservoir for the grease, which cuts down on the frequency needed for maintenance compared to oiling the snap ring area. Most karts have two shut off switches on them, one on the steering column or steering wheel and the other on the engine itself. They fit inside the clutch, not directly on the engine crankshaft. To tighten the bolt you will need to make sure that the ignition is in the off position, to ensure that the engine won't start. Verify proper alignment of the sprockets and install the chain according to your owners manual.

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The oil comes out in very minute amounts and gets on the inside of the clutch drum, that is why it is a good idea to wipe out the inside of the drum before your final race of the day. Disconnect the spark plug lead and slowly pull the starter handle until the crankshaft keyway is facing upward. Using a grease gun give the zerkbolt a full pump of grease. It can be completely disassembled with snap ring pliers to replace any worn or damaged parts.

Once the overload condition has been eliminated, hp 720c print driver the clutch will reengage and operate normally. It is highly recommended to always start the go kart with the rider sitting in the drivers seat with his or her foot on the brake pedal.

There is no need to wipe them off just mount the chain back on the kart when you are at the track next week. Once this point is located use the center punch with a firm hit to make an indentation in the center of the crankshaft keyway. You will contaminate the oilite bushing and no lubricant will stay for very long because the brake cleaner is breaking it down too fast. More items related to this product.

The kart weighs around pounds add to this the driver and passenger weight, if it is a two seater kart. To slow down a go kart you would need to purchase a gear reduction unit, which is like training wheels on a go kart until the driver gets use to how the go kart handles. Will perform clockwise or counter-clockwise. Put the sprocket back in the drum and you have enough lube in the chain or on the sprocket to last you a weekend of racing.


This lube system supplies lubrication directly to the clutch bushing through the keyway of the engine crankshaft utilizing a special zerkbolt fitting which is available only from Max-Torque. Any help huawei e be greatly appreciated. For crankshafts, jackshafts, pulleys, axles. The key and optional set screws are included. This Extreme Duty centrifugal clutch can handle higher temperatures to offer longer life.

Max-Torque Clutch Replacement Sprocket for 3/4 Shaft

After you sand the shoes and sand the inside of the drum wipe them off with a clean rag or blow them off with some air. Posting Guidelines Contact Vawb.

Any chain manufacturer will tell you the weakest link on the chain is the master link. Driving at full throttle gives the clutch a chance to cool down. If the shoes are blued don't bother sending the clutch back for a warranty replacement. There are some excellent chain sprays available that are waxy and will not let sand and dirt adhere to them.

Maintenance is very important on all clutches and preventive maintenance will give you consistency in a clutch. These are excellent internal engine oil ingredients but will give you fits if they get inside the clutch or on the brake disc.

An item vawb has been used previously. The drum and sprocket have a black oxide finish while the drive and shoe retainer plates are zinc plated. The spring is made from stainless steel and it can take more than twice the heat of music wire used by competitors. Once in the kart, you can roll it backwards with your hand or foot to get the kart in a position to drive forward. Speed up the engine and engage the drive train - slow down the engine and it disengages - one control, the throttle does it all.

Max-Torque Clutch Driver (14t - 15t)

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When the chain starts falling off the sprocket then it is time to move the engine forward or backward to take up the slack in the stretched chain. There are several things that can cause the clutch to engage at idle. While tightening the bolt be sure to torque the bolt to the engine manufacturers specifications. Replace the chain on the clutch sprocket and replace the chain guard.